This application is able to calculate a "realtime" Tide prediction at any location in the world.

This great result is due to our powerful, copyrighted, algorithm and the over 12.000 Tide stations included in this product all over the world. Click here for coverage.

The user interface is very intuitive and capable to satisfy from the less expert to the most technical user.

RealTide for the iPhone- Download From itunes RealTide for the iPad- Download From itunes

The application will start on the map view page. On this page you will be able to view your GPS position (blue cursor) in realtime while moving. On the top of this page you will see the realtime calculation of Tide level at your GPS position (realTide box). You can pan and zoom on this page anywhere, and simply tapping on the Map Menu icon you will return to your current GPS position.


This is the Tide Prediction page at you GPS current position. 

The top part of this view is reporting the date, time and tide level of the cursor shown on the graph below (the arrow, on the right of the tide value, tells you if the Tide is increasing or decreasing).  

By panning left or right the graph you can change the cursor position and prediction date. 

By pressing the Favorite star icon you will add this current GPS position in your favorite's list.

The Map icon will return to the Map view.

To complete this page are Sunrise and Sunset predictions bars.

The Data View icon on this page will show you the Tide/Current prediction in a datasheet view. See below.


This icon (animated globe) is on all the Map View of all the FlyToMap applications. By tapping on this icon you will be able to switch between all the FlyToMap application you currently installed on your device.


This page will list all your favorite's locations. Just select one of them to open its Tide/Current prediction page.


You will be able to search for more than 12.000 Tide stations around the world, and around 3.000 Current station in USA.

Select the Tide or Current station you prefer and the Prediction page will be displayed.



This page will list the nearest Tide/Current stations to your current GPS position.

Select the Tide or Current station you prefer and the Prediction page will be displayed.